Growing a startup is hard. I’ll help you make it easier.

Craig Zingerline

Hello! I’m Craig, 6 time founder and startup operator with 20+ years experience focused on holistic growth.

I’ve had some nice wins as well as a couple epic failures (painful, for sure). Join me as I share strategies, tips, and models to grow your company more efficiently.

While growing a company is inherently hard, there are ways to save yourself time, money, and many headaches if you anticipate and try to get ahead of what’s coming at you next.

I’ve worked with over 100 startups on growth, including:

And have 100+ 5-star reviews on GrowthMentor:

Craig's advice was absolutely spot on and we will be implementing every piece of it. Thanks so much for your help Craig! A true masterclass in marketing. — Owen Drury

My area of expertise is at the intersection of marketing, growth, and product management - with a whole bunch of founder lessons thrown in. With 20+ years in the field, and after starting 6 companies, I can give you clear guidance and ideas that’ll help you grow your more holistically.

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Hi! I’m Craig Zingerline. 6 time founder and startup growth expert. I write about holistic startup growth. I dive deep into growth & financial modeling, customer acquisition, activation & product led growth, retention, and experimentation.


I'm a 6-time founder currently running Velocity Growth, where I'm focused on helping startups grow. My focus is on holistic growth and experimentation as the key drivers of success.