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Experimentation with Craig Zingerline

Experimentation with Craig Zingerline

Welcome to the Growth Led Podcast. This week I am talking about Experimentation, the six steps I follow when carrying out experiments and some case studies and examples. 

To access the materials referenced by Craig, please go to

00:00 - Introduction
00:33 - Episode Overview and Access to Materials
01:06 - Examples of Experimentation
04:27 - The Experimentation Framework
09:39 - How do Experiments Work in Practice
16:43 - Future Experiments and Next Steps 

Craig Zingerline

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Craig's GrowthLed Newsletter
Growth Led Podcast
Hi! I’m Craig Zingerline. 6 time founder and startup growth expert. I write about holistic startup growth. I dive deep into growth & financial modeling, customer acquisition, activation & product led growth, retention, and experimentation.