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Insights on Culture and Team Building with Christian Brown

Insights on Culture and Team Building with Christian Brown

Welcome to the Growth Led Podcast. This week I am talking to Christian Brown,  Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Glewee and Forbes 30 under 30 2023. 

Glewee the easiest and fastest all-in-one influencer marketing platform that connects brands and creators through collaboration and paid social media brand deals. 

As a co-founder and leader of marketing, Brown worked closely with the CEO, Dylan Duke, to scale Glewee from its early days of sticky note ideas into the fully-fledged brand it is today

Centered around community, innovation and fluidity, Glewee’s entire brand evolution and refinement have been the labor of love for Brown since the company’s founding.

00:00 - Introduction
08:55 - What Inspired The Creation of Glewee: Influencer Marketing Platform
12:10 - Christian Shares Difficulties and Importance of Teamwork
16:15 - The Role of Team in Business Growth and Reflections
26:52 - Team Culture and its Resilience: Dealing with Employee Turnover
29:29 - Entrepreneurial Lessons: The Value of Customer Feedback and Embracing Failure
31:12 - Reflecting on the Past vs Looking at the Future

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